The Suzhou HANDA industrial automation co., lt is a high and new technique enterprise specialized in designing and producing various auto-controller. The main products base on the microprocessor and the programs to realize automatic control. The HANDA ' s automatic controllers are high-tech products and have wide application fields including the process control of the different industries such as electronics, machinery, transportation, household appliance, communication and security. Now nearly 70% of the export products export to the Western Europe and North America. HANDA has been granted the right to export independently .In addition HANDA establishes an OEM department to accept the production of the electronics equipments.

    HANDA was registered in the new district of Suzhou in 1997.There are 120 employees, the 40% of all are the technicians and engineers. There are more than 15 designers in the technology center identified by the Suzhou city government. The technology center possesses particular strong capacities for researching and developing products, and it has many perfect developing means .The more than 30 kind of new products launch into the domestic and foreign markets to meet customer ' s needs annually. Designing and producing satisfied automatic controller for the different customers of domestic and foreign is a aim for our existence and development.

    HANDA has passed the NQA certification of the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system.

    HANDA established eight departments under the general manager, sales$market, plan supply, technology center ,production ,warehouse,quality management, administrative and finance, equipment management and forms a complete scientific, orderly management system from the design, production to service. Now the operation of the quality management system is good and efficient.

    HANDA has a excellent management team, Mr. Liu Dui Jian is the chairman of the board and general manager, or an electronic engineer, an executive commissary of the Suzhou city federation of industry and commerce, a director of the China machatronics association and a standing director of the PLC branch, a vice-general secretary of SND machinery and electrical chamber of commerce, a director of the Suzhou city automotive engineering association, a visiting professor and a member of the computer education professional committee of the Suzhou vocational university, a part-time professor of the Kunshan city deng yun science-technology college.

    The HANDA ' s directory leading by Mr. Liu is the enterprise core leadership. The director Mr. li is responsible for the technology center.

    After many years of struggle in unity, it forms a very strong group, which is a powerful keeping our continuous growing and development.

    HANDA follows the most advanced international level of the automatic controller, Continuous innovation and keeping lead in china, realizing the international similar product ' s level is our goal. Now HANDA persists in climbing on the path of scientific development.