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 Machine tool controller
 Grinding machine CNC system 
 Programmable controller series 
 Servo motor controller system 
 Injection machine controller 
 Large tool machine controller 
 Slide fastener machine controller with LCD display 

 Controller for washing machinery
 Wash machinery controller 
 Controller for dry cleaner 
 Controller for dryer 

 Fan Filter Unit Control System with date communication
 Door inter-lock controller 
 Fan speed controller for clean room 
 Operating room equipment control system 
 FFU Control system 

 Automobile electronics
 Vehicle traveling data recorder 
 Watering trough controller 
 The auto-oiling pump controller for the vehicle underpan 

 Packing machine controller
 Heating retracting parking machine controller 
 Vacuum parking machine 

 Audio controller
 Enlargers of a adapter (single passage) 
 Enlargers of a adapter (double passage) 
 Mama Bear 
 Big bottom assembly 

 Video frequency
 Divider of Video frequency 

 Electronic combination lock controller
 Use number key 
 Controller for IC card electronic combination 
 With LCD display 
 Controller for magcard electronic combination 
 Controller for weapons box electronic combination 
 With LED display and motor drive 
 Touch screen 

 Elevator controller
 Xunda high elevator controller 
 Lift floor with gearbox monitor 
 Elevator control board 

 The immediately hot type water- heater controller 
 Bathtub temperature detector 

 Intelligent with time/light shines electronic switch Serie
 Time control switch 
 Photosensitive time controller 

 Other controllers
 Sensor Transducer 
 Control and display instrument for temperature and humidity 
 Interference instrument 

 New Products

  Fan Filter Unit Control System with date communication >> Fan speed controller for clean room >> HT-6029  

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